Friday, 21 January 2011

Its Prom preparation time

My daughter is 16 this year and will be having her school prom, it is getting so much more popular now, much better that the crappy school disco we had when we were at school! They will be going to a local hotel and having a sit down meal then disco, and have the great excuse to get a huge dress :-)

Her dress is obviously going to be the biggest pain ha ha, we both have different tastes so everything
I like she hates and vice versa! She has also changed her mind on what style so many times that I have lost track.

There is also the whole, 'she has got this, or she is doing this this' thing going on, and as per usual the mums are just as bad!

Then there is the spray tan, the hair style to do the list goes on, will keep you all updated on what dress she eventually chooses, feel free to recommend anywhere

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