Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Eve

Well my plans for tonight are pretty boring I suppose compared to others but its a night of crafting for me, Darren is playing tonight in Blyth, my middle daughter is at a sleepover, and I think my eldest is having someone stay here and no doubt James will be plying on his ps3!!! We have had a nice relaxing Christmas this year only been to the sales once and they did not have anything worth while so don't feel like I have missed out on much.

I am debating on whether to take the Christmas decorations down, are real tree this year has not been the best and I know we will end up with needles everywhere when I do!!

Happy New Year to you all

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Latest jewellery makes

I had some black dice beads which I had bought ages ago and was not really sure what I wanted to do with them, whilst I was catching up with one of my favourite craft sites crafts-beautiful I came across a photo using some coloured ones so I decided I would use mine, its a nice length and I actually really like them now I have made them into something.

I am loving making these sweetie style charm bracelets, the weaving of the chain takes a bit time and is a nightmare if you drop a link but they have a good finished effect.

pamper towel cake

This one was a Christmas present for a friend (one of my mindees mums), it had various smellies, some chocs and a lovely bottle or radox in the centre, it also had a sweetie charm bracelet hidden in one of the towels.

Christmas makes

For all my mindees this year I done handmade gifts, for the little ones I cut a box from my cricut and cut some cupcake wrappers, I made up some sock cupcakes and put together a gift box with some pj's in them. My daughters also wanted these done for friends, here is one box and also the older girls socks before adding into the boxes 

Christmas nappy cake

After one of the staff at school seen my towel cakes we got chatting, I told her about the nappy cakes etc, she asked if I would make one as a Christmas present for her 2 month old granddaughter, it had, the usual nappies, vests, baby grows, long sleeved tops, blankets and sheets inside it then the top tier was surrounded with little Christmas crackers and then finished off with Thorntons chocolate lollies and sock cupcakes on top, it was huge by the time I had finished using all the things. 

Towel cake made for school raffle

Marks and Spencer towels, 2 bath, 2 hand and 2 face cloths, and inside a lovely bottle of wine and surrounded on this one by Elizabeth Shaw mints, I can make these to order from £14.99, made up to what you would like  :-)

One of Darren's hobbies

My hubby has a few hobbies, fly fishing which is also his job as he is a fly tier, gaming and his drums

he plays is two bands The beer monkeys and Sekond childhood, both are rock cover bands and play around the North East.

More necklaces

Here are some more ;-)
Hematite and glass crackle beads, one of my fav necklace
Nice long necklace using a great purple bead mix

Jewellery makes

Here are some of my jewellery makes I have made in the last couple of months, I am doing a course at our local high school, start my intermediate part in a couple of weeks, its a good course and some nice ladies on it which makes it better

hmm bloomin photo problems again!!!
Here is some more of my photos, had to wait till this morning before I uploaded them thanks to my gaming mad hubby and son, otherwise I get wrong for using all the bandwidth........ oops!!

These are some of my Christmas makes, snowman soup, wine glass charms and brownies in a jar, they were either given as gifts or sent to the school fair to raise funds, thankfully they all sold well ;-)

For some reason blogger keeps turning my charm photo upside down!!!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Handbag charms

Made these for the kids bags 

more stuff

What is it with January sales, they are just full of rubbish!!! Went to silverlink this morning and it was completely manic, plus never seen any good bargains, just tat they could not sell last year, I really don't do sales.

Well here are a few more of my makes from the last few months, figured if I put them up now, then I can start all my new stuff from tomorrow :-)

This was a sock bouquet for a friend of a friend 

Monday, 27 December 2010

My Guy mini book

My first baby shower cake and accessories

need to start looking at where i take my photos, bloomin wires!!!

My new years resolution

I have been told so many times I should have a website to show off my makes but to be honest I just done have that much time on my hands, so instead I am going to attempt a blog ;-)

I will have a go at any crafts, I am currently attending a jewellery making course, but I also enjoy making nappy cakes and have just this Christmas done my first towel cakes.

I done a lot of handmade gifts for Christmas this year which I thoroughly enjoyed, I got my inspiration from  MSE, although I am not sure if I saved money but I did enjoy it and they have seemed to have went down well with their receivers.