Friday, 18 March 2011

Latest things I have made :)

The photos below are my latest makes, the towel cake was for a raffle prize fir a friends coffee morning at our school to raise money for The national autistic society :)

The 2 bracelets are my latest fimo makes, they have went down really well with everyone and only a few left, they are £5 each if anyone is interested :)

The coke bracelet is one of my favs, just think it is really funky and different, I also have pepsi, tango (all flavours lol) iron bru, fanta, 7up, nutella and baked beans plus more, if anyone would like them made into anything just let me know, will be playing with them this weekend hopefully to show you them more!

 And the DS chains have just been flying out, they are £3 including the stylus and one name or £2.50 with just beads, loads of colours available :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New supplies

I am eagerly awaiting some new supplies :) I will be making some scrabble rings and some DS stylus chains to stop them going missing :)

I have discovered a great iphone app called coolibah its a scrapbooking app, you can download it free and have a watermark on or its 59p and has loads of free pages all with matching elements, some you do need to buy but the free ones are just as good and will cover most colour schemes, they also have a facebook page, well worth trying and would be even better on the ipad.....hmm think I definitely need one of those :)